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Mike Erre is a pastor, teacher and author of several books. He also helps lead OC United, a nonprofit in North Orange County, California focused on uniting the church and unleashing compassion. Mike can be found online on Facebook and Twitter @mikeerre. When dancing, Mike prefers the safety dance and the carlton to the whip/nae nae.

Mike formerly served as a Lead Pastor at EvFree Fullerton Church, Mariners Church, and the Lead Teaching Pastor at ROCKharbor Church.

He was born near Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Southern California in 1997 to purse an M.A. in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics through Talbot School of Theology (graduating in 2004).

Mike has published five books: The Jesus of Suburbia (2006), Why Guys Need God (2008), Death By Church (2009), and Why the Bible Matters (2010). His new book, Astonished comes out in April of 2014.

He has been an adjunct professor at Biola University and has spoken at many different colleges, conferences and retreats throughout the United States.

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
— George Orwell


Astonished- Recapturing the Wonder, Awe, and Mystery of Life with GodDeathByChurchThe Jesus of SuburbiaWhyGuysWhyTheBible

Ivan Illich was once asked, “What is the most revolutionary way to change society: Is it violent revolution or gradual reform?” He gave a careful answer: “Neither. If you want to change society, then you must tell an alternative story.”

Endorsements for Astonished

“Mike Erre sets the record straight with a thoroughly biblical and honest look at the unpredictable, untamed, glorious God of scripture. Read this book and you’ll know your Lord better.”
Larry Osborne, author and pastor of North Coast Church

“Mike has made a great contribution in Astonished by rescuing us from being underwhelmed by the lesser god of our own making and dropping us in the midst of a vision of God that is more and more of all that we would ever hope God would be.”
Rick McKinley, pastor of Imago Dei Community, Portland, OR

“Mike Erre is a young voice worth listening to. He will punch you in the gut while also patting you on the back. Expect to be challenged, inspired, and equipped.”
Brad Lomenick, author of The Catalyst Leader

“Mike Erre cheers us on to pursue a life of faith, mystery, and wonder in our great Father!”
Dave Gibbons, founder of Newsong and


Sex, Love & God



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How to Read the New Testament Pt. 2 – Context, Language, Collectivism, and your Personal Relationship with Jesus

VOX – The Mike Erre Podcast – Episode 45 – “How to Read the New Testament Pt. 2 – Context, Language, Collectivism, and your Personal Relationship with Jesus” In this episode we extend our conversation about how to read the new testament.  We evaluate the importance of context, language, time, a culture around collectivism, and challenge the idea […]

How to Read the New Testament – Women, Islam, Slavery, and Homosexuality

VOX – The Mike Erre Podcast – Episode 44 – “How to Read the New Testament – Women, Islam, Slavery, and Homosexuality In this episode we kindly observe some iTunes reviews, discuss deeper issues regarding Pearl Jam, and offer a thought experiment and observation about a way that we can approach the New Testament through the life […]

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